Classic Rich Bolognese + Vegetarian & Vegan Options

This week's new recipe is a rich bolognese sauce, thick and lush with so much flavour! This is my delicious take on a classic bolognese but I have also listed vegetarian and vegan options too.

One of the keys to the richness of this bolognese is to let the sauce simmer for 2 to 2.5 hours. Another is the length in which the veggies are sautéed and caramelised before the other ingredients are added.

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Craisin Spiced Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

For this week's new recipe I teamed up with the guys from Ocean Spray and created this lush, spiced carrot cake using their delicious Ocean Spray® Craisins® Dried Cranberries - which add the perfect texture, tang and chew!

I'm super excited to share this one with you - the texture and flavour are amazing. I've also included dairy-free and refined-sugar-free alternatives if needed.

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Baked Rockling with Tomato Basil & Lemon Salsa with Creamy Cashew Aioli

This week's new recipe is this delicious baked rockling with tomato basil and lemon salsa and a creamy cashew garlic aioli. 

Now, my husband Mike isn’t a big fan of fish but he LOVES this recipe! The salsa is bright, fresh and goes perfectly with the fish and the creamy garlic aioli ties it all together deliciously. 

I'm using soaked cashews to make the aioli but you could also use yoghurt.

This fish is perfect served with steamed green vegetables or a green leafy salad. You could also serve it alongside baked potatoes or rice or some fresh crusty bread. Yum!

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Hi there!

I’m Ashley, welcome to Gather & Feast. A site full of beautiful food, simple wholesome recipes & the occasional sweet treat. x  

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