Fennel & Butter Beans with Smokey Paprika Butter-Fried Eggs

August 26 2022

One of my favourite 'comfort in a bowl’ dishes is brothy butter beans and eggs. I love making them with garlicy greens and lemon, or a thick tomato-based sauce. So comforting and nourishing. For this week's new recipe I've used fennel, lemon, and rosemary. Rather than cooking the eggs directly in the brothy sauce (as I normally would) these eggs are pan-fried in smokey paprika butter. Super delicious and the perfect contrast to the fennel and beans.

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Pear, Dark Chocolate & Caramelised Pecan Cake

August 18 2022

This week's new recipe is a delicious and super easy one-bowl no-fuss pear, dark chocolate, and caramelised pecan cake. A must-try!

The olive oil keeps this cake light and moist, and the caramelised pecan topping is a small (easy) extra step when prepping but adds the most delicious flavour and texture (it's so good).

For the best results use firm, barely ripe pears that will keep their shape when added to the batter mixture. This will prevent a mushy pear texture within the cake.

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Oat, Coconut & Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies

August 17 2022
I've had so many recipe requests for these 'bitsy' choc chunk cookies.
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Orange & Blueberry Cake with Warm Orange Glaze

July 15 2022
Sweet and moist, and the perfect dessert cake.
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Pumpkin, Turmeric & Ginger Soup

April 25 2022
A deliciously smooth pumpkin turmeric & ginger soup.
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