Tomato, Olive Oil & Garlic Pantry Spaghetti

June 11 2024

The simplest of pantry pastas, this recipe (or handful of ingredients) is one I turn to often when in need of a quick, easy, comforting meal.

It’s perfect for those lazy dinner nights when the choice is between eggs on toast or this simple tomato spaghetti dish. I always have at least one can of crushed tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and a packet of spaghetti in my pantry, whether for this recipe or tomato baked eggs. A strategically stocked pantry does wonders, but that’s probably a topic for another time.

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Chicken & Fresh Herb Sandwich with Avocado & Hot Sauce

June 7 2024

This is more of a 'guide' or a 'how I like to' approach than a traditional recipe. This fresh chicken sandwich is delicious, filling, and packed with fresh herbs and zingy red onion, making it a truly delicious meal. You'll appreciate its simple yet flavourful combination of ingredients.

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Plum, Ricotta & Almond Teacake

February 29 2024
The perfect cake for stone fruit season.
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Roasted Tangy Mushrooms on Toast with Ricotta & a Chunky Chive Oil

January 18 2024
This dish is a haven for mushroom enthusiasts.
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15-Minute Tuna Tomato Spaghetti with Fresh Basil & Lemon

January 18 2024
This pasta sauce effortlessly comes together in the time it takes the spaghetti to cook.
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Elevate your salad game with these flavour-packed recipes to cook for yourself and others.

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