Cacao & Custard Apple Smoothie Bowl with Cacao Quinoa Granola

This new smoothie bowl and granola recipe was inspired by a recent trip to Lima, Peru where I was lucky enough to experience Lima’s amazing food and culture. I thought I would highlight some of my favourite Peruvian ingredients; cacao, quinoa, maca, and custard apple (cherimoya). If you don’t have access to custard apple you can use pineapple instead - it’s just as delicious!

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Mega Berry Pavlova with Lemon Curd & Fresh Mint


I'm super excited to share this Mega Pavlova recipe with you all! It has to be one of the most highly requested recipes I've posted on social media. It's also a family favourite in our household and requested every year for our Aussie Summer Christmas. 

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JAZZ Apple, Date, Almond & Mint Salad with Sweet Vanilla Lime Dressing

This week's new recipe is a light, sweet and refreshing JAZZ Apple, date and roasted almond salad with sweet vanilla lime dressing. For this recipe, I’ve partnered with the guys from Montague to celebrate the first of the season JAZZ Apples. These apples are super crunchy and juicy and are perfect for this recipe. 

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Hi there!

I’m Ashley, welcome to Gather & Feast. A site full of beautiful food, simple recipes, free resources and more! x  

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