Vanilla Spelt Cookies with Avocado Chocolate Filling & Berry Chia Jam

You may have noticed that there are a few ingredients I just LOVE to use in a number of my recipes; spelt flour, vanilla powder, avocado and cacao. Well today’s new vanilla spelt cookie recipe is a combination of my favourites, all sandwiched together in one delicious sweet treat!

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Blood Orange & Blackberry Vanilla Gluten Free Cake with Warm Orange Syrup & Fresh Mint

I love a good flourless cake! The texture, the density. My usual ‘go to’ cake recipe is a rich flourless chocolate cake (I’ll have to share the recipe soon), and also my Beetroot and Chocolate Cake. Yum! But for the times I don’t feel like chocolate, rather something a little more fruity, this Blood Orange and Blackberry Vanilla Cake is the recipe I turn to.

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G&F - Food Photography Workshop

I am SUPER excited to be hosting, along with my husband Mike, our first Gather & Feast food photography workshop!! 

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Hi there!

I’m Ashley, welcome to Gather & Feast. A site full of beautiful food, simple recipes, free resources and more! x  

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