Salted Macadamia Nut Brittle Ice Cream Bars

May 12 2017

This week’s new recipe is an indulgent treat I created for Mother’s Day weekend; Salted Macadamia Nut Brittle Ice Cream Bars. Yum! 

My mum LOVES macadamia nuts, so I've created these ice cream bars using Häagen-Dazs macadamia nut brittle ice cream, sandwiched between homemade macadamia cookie bars. But please feel free to change up the ice cream flavour inside depending on your mum’s (or your) favourite flavour.

The recipe for the cookie bars calls for plain flour, but as my mum is gluten intolerant I've used a gluten free flour blend (which turns out just the same). You could also swap the brown sugar for coconut sugar if you prefer. There is also a choice of using chopped white or dark chocolate in the recipe. My mum loves dark chocolate so I made the dark chocolate versions for her. You could even do a mix of both if you like. 

Enjoy the recipe! Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mum’s out there. Thank you for everything you do. Have the best day celebrating with your family and friends!



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Serving Plate: Bridget Bodenham


Salted Macadamia Nut Brittle Ice Cream Bars  |  Gather & Feast

Salted Macadamia Nut Brittle Ice Cream Bars  |  Gather & Feast


2 hr (plus setting time)
  • 200g butter, chopped
  • 1 firmly packed cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla paste or extract
  • 2 extra large eggs
  • 2 cups unbleached plain flour 
  • 1 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
  • 200g dark or white cooking chocolate, roughly chopped
  • ¼ cup roughly chopped macadamia nuts
  • Pinch sea salt flakes
  • 2 x 457ml tubs Haagen-Dazs Macadamia Nut Brittle ice-cream
  • Extra sea salt flakes, for sprinkling


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C (160°C fan forced). Line base and sides of two 24cm x 16cm brownie pans with baking paper. Melt butter in a small saucepan over very low heat. Simmer, stirring occasionally for 10 minutes, or until butter is lightly foaming and the solids caramelise at the bottom of the pan. Once butter is golden brown and has a nutty aroma, remove from the heat and pour into a bowl to cool.
  2. Combine sugar, vanilla extract and eggs in a medium bowl. Beat with electric mixer for 5 minutes, or until the sugar crystals have dissolved. Add cooled brown butter and mix again until combined.
  3. Sift flour, bicarbonate soda and salt together. Add chocolate and macadamias and stir into the mixture until everything is completely incorporated. Spoon half of the mixture evenly into each pan, pressing out into the edges. Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely in the pans.
  4. Scoop ice cream onto one of the cookie bars in the pan. Flatten and spread the ice cream with the back of a spoon. Remove second cookie bar from its pan and remove the baking paper. Place second cookie bar on top of the ice cream and press it down a little.  Cover and freeze overnight until firm.
  5. To serve, lift cookie bar from the pan, remove the baking paper, slice into small bars or squares and sprinkle with a little sea salt. Enjoy!

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