Kitchen, Pantry & Fridge TOUR


Here it is! My highly requested home kitchen, pantry and fridge TOUR for 2020. I streamed this one LIVE on the weekend and have cut together these highlights.

Below you'll find all the featured products and food items I mentioned but please let me know if there is anything I missed or that you'd like to know more about.

This video and post is not sponsored in any way but these are just a few of the items and appliances I love and often use on a daily basis.

I stream a LIVE recipe video on Instagram every Saturday here in Australia (Friday night USA) so if you're free come say hi and cook along!

Enjoy the tour.





Custom Kitchen Dining Table - Christian Cole
Kitchen Dining Chairs - Mark Tuckey

Ovens - Miele
Mixers - Kitchen Aid
Food Processor - Magimix
Kettle - Fellow

Salt & Pepper Grinders - MENU Design Denmark
Knife & Utensil Block - Material
Pantry Knife Block - Global Knives
Beechwood Wooden Spoons - Search European beechwood spoons online or you can usually find them at kitchen supply stores.
Mortar & Pestles - Great for grinding spices, black pepper, and fresh punchy flavour. 
Brass Balloon Whisks - The Cooks Atelier
Graters - Microplane  (I use them every day to grate parmesan, garlic, ginger, citrus rind, etc.)
Enamelware - Falcon Enamelware

Glass Screw Top Jars - The Source Bulk Foods (Australia)
+ I use recycled jars from products I use.

Calico/Linen Bags - to store fresh produce in the fridge.
Seed & Sprout sell great produce storage bags.
You can also reuse cotton or linen bags you already have (just wash them first).


Bridget Bodenham
Sophie Harle
James Lemon
Mud Australia
Country Road
Flax Ceramics
Marmoset Found
Thrifted from Op Shops & Vintage Stores


Bottles - Como Tomo
Bibs - Rommer
Dummies - BIBS Dummies
Bowls, Cups & Bits - Cink


A few feature items I love at the moment...

Herb Sea Salt - Herbamare

Peanut Butter - Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Butter
'Smooth' is my favourite!

Kombucha - Remedy

Probiotics Powder - The Beauty Chef
I use ‘Glow’

Broths & Drink Powders - Nutra Organics

Greens & Protein Powders - WelleCo

Miso Pastes & Powders - Meru

Rose Petal Jam - Greecologies NYC

Apple Cider Vinegar - Bragg

Hulled Tahini - Carwari
Toasted Sesame Oil - Carwari
Black Sesame Seeds - Carwari

Marinated Goats Cheese - Meredith Dairy

KimChi - The Fermentary

Oat Milk - Minor Figures
My fav oat milk brand at the moment

Coco Quench - Pureharvest

‘Meadow’ Tea - Smith Tea
We found this tea in Portland a few years ago and it's been my favourite ever since. You can't get it in Australia so I stock up whenever you go to the USA.

White Tea - Kusmi Tea
'White Anastasia' is my favourite - it's white tea with bergamot



Kitchen, Pantry & Fridge Tour 2020  |  Gather & Feast

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