Matcha, Coconut & Cacao Protein Balls

Nutty, vanilla, matcha and cacao protein balls! These pretty little things are the perfect mid afternoon treat, post workout or ‘on the go’ snack. They are super easy to make (although you will need a food processor), and should provide you with enough snacks to get you through a few weeks (bulk meal preppers rejoice!).

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Charred Kale & Farro Salad

I love a good salad, especially one that is packed full of flavour and texture (the way a good salad should be).

Today’s salad recipe is not your usual leafy variety, but a hearty and filling dish. For the base I’ve used some deliciously chewy farro and charred kale. Stirred through the farro is a quick and easy basil pesto that gives the salad a wonderful flavour throughout. If you love basil you are going to love this salad.

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Citrus, Vanilla & Olive Oil Spelt Cake with Rose

Our garden is overflowing with an abundance of lemons and limes at the moment. It’s a wonderful thing! Lucky for me there are SO many recipes you can create using citrus fruit, like todays Citrus, Vanilla and Olive Oil Spelt Cake with Rose!

This spelt cake is super simple and easy to make! It’s one of those, mix the wet, mix the dry, and then mix it altogether kind of cakes (I love those cakes!). It’s not too sweet and is deliciously moist, yet still retains a lovely crumb texture... the perfect little afternoon treat with a relaxing cup of tea.

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Hi there!

I’m Ashley, welcome to Gather & Feast. A site full of beautiful food, simple recipes, free resources and more! x  

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